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Juana de Avila Bakery is a family business dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of artisan breads, as well as the preparation of desserts, sweets and food related to our products.

  The company was founded in 1972 in Venezuela, Maracaibo Municipality of the State of Zulia, specifically in the Parish of Juana de Avila, hence the name Juana de Avila.

It was founded by a couple of Portuguese emigrants, who started selling their products in a small corner of the sector and after much effort and work they bought a small commercial store in that same location, which over the years were expanded to become a bakery, pastry shop and minimarket well known in the state of Zulia for the quality of it’s products and for its service. Today, our company continues to maintain it’s Lusitanian roots, we continue to bring our traditions and cuisine to the homes of the city that saw us born and now crossing borders we come to North America to meet the needs of our people, in addition to offering our cuisine to the  local market.